DE BLANC utilizes a high concentration of pure real caviar extract, made possible by ALMAS DIONE's advanced caviar extraction technology. 

This remarkable extract is made possible by ALMAS DIONE's state-of-the-art caviar extraction technology, which employs low-temperature ultrasonic extraction to preserve a significant amount of beneficial components found in caviar.

With this advanced extraction method, DE BLANC incorporates caviar that is rich in valuable components.

Try various types of real caviar cosmetics such as Repair Luxe Cream, Soothing Toner, Rejuvenating Essence, Concentrate Eye Balm, Deep Moisture Cream, Vital Mist and Multi Balm.

Repair Luxe Cream

It contains the best caviar extract and double functional ingredients to protect the skin from aging and the external environment, and helps restore skin barriers. With its rich moisture and excellent moisturizing properties, you can feel the moisture and soft glow at the same time.

It helps to change your tired and sensitive skin into an ideal skin condition.

Soothing Toner

Plant extracts, such as birch trees, which are excellent in soothing skin, fill the moisture rich. It contains whitening and wrinkle improvement ingredients to make your skin moist and tidy.

It forms a barrier on the surface of the skin to facilitate the next step of skin care. 

Rejuvenating Essence

Caviar extract, which contains a large amount of essential fatty acids, provides nutrition and moisture to protect the skin from aging and the external environment, 

helping to make the skin moist and elastic. Macadamia oil blocks the evaporation of moisture in the skin barrier, making your skin glossy.   

Concentrate Eye Balm

Caviar extract provides sufficient moisture and nutrition to the delicate skin around the eyes, and shea butter and hyaluronic acid give the skin around the eyes elasticity and luster. Also, you can have bright and bright eyes due to the effect of whitening and wrinkle improvement ingredients.

Deep Moisture Cream

Balancing moisture and nutrition, it absorbs as soon as you apply it with a light feeling of use, making it smooth and fresh.

Caviar extract restores the weakened skin's physical strength, giving elasticity, and at the same time, the moisturizing power of shea butter and macadamia oil greatly helps improve the skin barrier.

Vital Mist

The main ingredients, vitamin A, vitamin E, and linoleic acid, help to hydrate the skin and prevent moisture evaporation. In particular, adenosine and hyaluronic acid, which are components of niacinamide, greatly help skin pigmentation, facial protective walls 

against external attacks, and the synthesis 

of absorbed collagen. Vital Mist is the best solution for healthy skin with moisture, elasticity and luster.


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