The Fruit of A 20 Year History of Research and Development

ALMAS DIONE was not created in a day; it took 20 years of research and development since a researcher began studying caviar's effects in the early 1990s. To ensure the freshest caviar for our products, we imported sturgeons from Russia and started researching and studying them. Chungchu Fishery was established in 2001 through continuous research, and caviar production for cosmetic ingredients began. We obtained a patent for cosmetic manufacturing with caviar extract (patent number 102009002825/1020080123765) in 2006 and launched "Aphrodite" in 2009 which is the basis brand of ALAMS DIONE. Finally, ALMAS DIONE was revealed in 2011.

A 20-year development of one cosmetic product, ALMAS DIONE is the fruit of a 20-year aspiration. 


CEO: Seung-Hee, Lee

Business License No.: 478-86-02506

E-Commerce Permit No.: 2021-GyeonggiHanam-2672

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Address: (05238) 301-391, 47, Godeok-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

알마스디오네 청담

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